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  1. Производитель снегоходов | Экономика для школьников

    ...произведем, тем нам будет лучше. регулировать, сколько продадим одной группе, сколько другой, мы не можем, поэтому просто произведем по максимуму 60 = 120 / (P - 1) + 90 / (P - 2)

    упростила, не знаю, обоснованно ли=) P1 = 120 / Q1 + 1 P2 = 90 / Q2 + 2 TR (общая) = 210 + 2Q(2) + Q(1) чем больше произведем, тем нам будет лучше. регулировать, сколько продадим одной группе...


  2. I.P. de Guzm´ an, M. Ojeda-Aciego, and A. Valverde

    for {p1, p2, p4, p5, r2} is saturated for p. c∆List({1}:q ∧ {1,2,4}:p ∧ {2}:q ) = , for {p5, q 1, q 2, q 3} is saturated for q . Recall that, as established in [6], a ∆-tree will always be interpreted as a conjunctive signed formula and arbitrary signed formulas are represented by means.



    P3 P2 P1 P0 P < qout p > qout SN54AS885 . . .

    P2 P1 NC – No internal connection The latch is transparent when P latch-enable (PLE) input is high; the P-input port is latched when PLE is low. This provides the designer with temporary storage for the P-data word.


  4. Similarity Search in a Nutshell

    Similarity Search in Theory Search space: object domain U, distance function d Input: database S = {p1 , . . . , pn } ⊆ U Query: q ∈ U Task: nd argminpi d(pi , q) p4 p3 p2 p5 q p1 p6 Data Models: General metric space: triangle inequality + oracle access k -dimensional Euclidean space with Euclidean, Manhattan, Lp or angle metric Strings with.


  5. Fourth Round

    45-th Bulgarian Mathematical Olympiad 1996 Fourth Round First Day 1. Find all prime numbers p and q such that (5 p2 p)(5q − 2q) is an integer. pq 2. Find the side length of the smallest equilateral triangle in which three disks with radii 2, 3, 4 and with disjoint interior points can be placed.


  6. FuKri ... !! | Facebook

    New Punjabi Love Song ♥ ''Kurbaan'' Listen n Share Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5YMO1ZSqLA Download Link320KBPS: http://www.mediafire.com/?d7p7zgdj19ogv7n Download Link128KBPS: http://www.mediafire.com/?ae2d2hg1p2p5q5u.


  7. Searching for CAC-maps

    For notational convenience we call r = p1 , s = p2 , t = p3 . We organized our search by the number of nonzero functions in the set of seven functions k, l, p1 , p2 , p5 , q, u. The same map was used on all planes of the CAC-cube. 2.3 Invariances Lattice maps are in general invariant under rational linear (Moebius) transformations with constant coecients.


  8. The CORBA Architecture

    Term 2: XI X4 (these are both not present in the second path X2 X5) Z(X1 X4) = X1’ + X1 X4’ X2 X5 (X1’ + X1 X4’) P2 P5 (Q1 + P1 Q4).


  9. Последовательность Хэмминга (Хемминга)

    DK> q2.push(q); q3.push(q); q5.push(q); DK> } DK> } DK> return q; DK> }. Гдазами трудно понять, все ли тут правильно, но идея, без сомнения, найдена правильно! Конгратюлейшен


  10. About the Authors

    Do there exist 19 distinct positive integers that add up to 1999 and have the same sum of digits? 34. Find all prime numbers p and q such that pq divides the product (5 p2 p )(5q − 2q ). 35. Prove that there are innitely many numbers not containing the digit 0 that are divisible by the sum of their digits.


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